Whoever said that indoor play is just for rainy days will think again after they’ve experienced a day at Campfire Play – the newest and one of the largest indoor playgrounds to come to Hong Kong! Bringing all the outdoor fun, you could imagine – such as an interactive water zone and a summer-vibes sandpit – to an indoor space. Campfire Play will be your go-to for your next playdate, birthday, or just a fun afternoon out.

Paying homage to Whampoa where Campfire Play is based, inside the playground, you’ll also find a mini replica of the famous Whampoa Ship – where kids can unleash their imaginations and enjoy endless role-playing fun as captains of the ship. Aye aye!

The play area is available in allotted sessions of 2 or 2.5 hours on weekdays and weekends. Other highlights of the indoor playground include:

- a blue and white ball pit that is Instagram-worthy

- a gorgeous treehouse

- a dress-up corner for little scouts and firefighters

- climbing nets in a spacious

- kids theater to entertain,

- indoor go-karting for thrill-seekers!

If you’re in need of a little refueling to keep up with your little ones after all that fun, the family restaurant and coffee kart located near the playground provides snacks and drinks so that everyone can recharge together.

Campfire play is not only dedicated to play but also to education. Partnering with various reputable organizations, the nine classrooms at their Learning Center will give kids an opportunity to take on Taekwondo, language courses, computer coding, and more.

Whether you’re looking to entertain or educate, Campfire Play will make sure all your needs are met while bringing the fun!