Hot off the press! There is a new playground coming to Hong Kong in May, and this is a rather special one! The Big Things is a world where the wonders of the earth will surround your child! They will get to immerse themselves in rare animals, insects, volcanoes, and swamps.

This is the perfect place for children to learn about nature through sensory play and physical activities, in a safe indoor environment. The Big Things is a thrilling experience specifically catering to young children, while still being a place the whole family can enjoy. Children can have fun and learn through activities, carefully designed to encourage the development of their motor skills and stimulate their imagination and creativity.  

Children will have a wonderful chance to touch and feel the different textures of nature. They will be amazed by the sights and sounds of wildlife and be captivated by the beauty of our environment. All the materials are entirely environmentally friendly materials. The Big Things will help children gain a better understanding of the world they live in.  

After all the exploring and discovering, hunger might strike. Fret not, the Big Things also has an exciting restaurant attached that serves up delicious, balanced delights. Their executive Chef Jasper Wu has taken carefully selected Japanese ingredients and married them with French cooking techniques to create our innovative menu. They also serve beautiful and fun bento boxes. Designed by their Japanese Chef Naoko Minagi, incorporate colorful, nutritional ingredients to comprise the perfect meal.