Come and create flip flops that are as unique as you are at Lavulous Workshop! This fun and creative experience unlocks your imagination. Explore hundreds of different choices and possibilities to create your own customized and exclusive pair.



Founder, Dyana Nagrani, was born in Hong Kong and, after graduating with a degree in Computer Science in London, she moved back to Hong Kong, started a family, and now is a mother of two. 

After having kids of her own, she would always struggle to find actives for their birthday parties in Hong Kong. When she did a bit of research, she realized there were not many creative workshops on the market. She decided to venture out independently and created a unique business idea, which is now Lavulous.



At the workshops, you get the power to choose all the different features of your flip-flops, the sole color, strap color, and accessories! Designing your own flip-flops is a fun and creative experience.

- There are many fun colors, including light blue, pink, red, and more, which you then pair with straps, which are offered in even more colors!

- After picking your base flip-flop, accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! Their adorable charms are super stylish, such as their flowers, butterflies, and rainbows.

- You can also put your initials or even spell your own name with their alphabet charms!

- These high-quality flip-flops are made with comfortable yet durable rubber and are perfect for everyday wear, no matter what crazy weather we’re experiencing.

- They are incredibly safe to use in wet areas, as they are non-slippery, meaning that they are perfect for your pool day or spa afternoon!

- At the end of the workshop, you walk away with footwear that’s uniquely designed by you to match your personal style and gain a memorable and creative experience from your purchase or workshop.



Their new website allows you to customize from the comfort of your own home, either to send as a unique gift or spoil yourself. There is free shipping for orders in Hong Kong and free shipping for orders above US$100 around the world. If you reside in Singapore or have friends there, they can also send Flip Flop goodie bags straight to your door over there.