There is certainly a trend toward wellness and holistic and healthy lifestyles.  Whether you are looking to explore the world of supplements for you or your children, want a solid detox, or need a general holistic health overhaul - LifeHub based in Central will sort you!  Founded by a seasoned group of like-minded healthcare professionals, they are helping Hong Kong families get healthier every day!

What to expect:

* Lab Tests - They have a variety of lab tests ranging from DNA testing to heavy metal/mineral analysis to food intolerance tests too.  They also offer cycle mapping and fertility testing.  Tests are available for kids and adults.

* Supplements - Their gorgeously packaged supplement kits cater to sleep, detox, anti-aging, gut healing, metabolism boosts and more.  If you are looking to understand what supplements you or your children are missing or not absorbing - they can sort you here too.

* IV Drips - Hydrate your body and get results fast!

* Therapies - There is a full range of therapies here! Acupuncture, ear seeding, oxygen therapy, and more!

* Hair And Skin - Products, facials, and specialized haircare treatments (including hair loss treatments).