Hot off the press! Wonderlings is a child-centered and student-led center that will open its doors in Tai Koo Shing in September 2020! Their curriculum follows inquiry-based learning to create a learning space where a child’s questions are encouraged, and their voices valued. 

What is Inquiry-based Learning?

It is based on the idea that curiosity is a natural motivator - "curious minds want to learn". Their curriculum and themes are based on the driving questions of the students themselves. Then Wonderling's talented and experienced teachers will incorporate the learning objectives in their programs. A large part of this methodology is focused on teaching learners how to learn, which encourages critical thinking, and problem-solving, it nurtures strong-communication skills and is naturally motivating for learners of any age.

The Courses At Wonderling (For Ages 3 - 6 Years)


Their Drama course is specifically designed to guide and facilitate the imaginations of students through play and storytelling. The course will focus on techniques like movement, music, dance, acting, and much more to express different feelings and emotions. Drama teachers encourage freedom in the students' bodies, thoughts, and opinions. Having young learners express themselves creatively can build confidence and push for critical thinking, problem-solving and flexibility.


Their Communication course is focused on giving learners the skills and opportunities to become effective communicators. Their driving force will be their own interests and curiosity in different subject matters, and the teachers will present them with fun and unique challenges. Lessons will include activities and materials that facilitate the need for communicating one-on-one and in front of small groups. This course will be supported by language structures, vocabulary, literacy skills and pronunciation practice.


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