This summer, SPRING your child’s potential by awakening their abilities through fun, directed activities! SPRING is offering fantastic Summer Workshops from June-August. Help your child reach their best at SPRING Learning.

At SPRING, children are divided into age groups:

2 - 3.5 YEARS OLD:

2-Days – Discoverer, Cooking, Sports (Wednesday and Friday)

3.5 - 6 YEARS OLD:

2-Days – Cooking, Drama, Sports, and STEM (Tuesday and Thursday)

3-Days – Cooking, Drama, Sports, STEM, and Woodwork (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday)

CAMP DATES: June 8 to August 29, 2020.

CLASS FEE: 2-Days Camp- HK$3,500/2 weeks, HK$7,000/4 weeks, HK$9,200/6 weeks | 3-Days Camp - HK$4,000/2 weeks, HK$8,000/4 weeks, HK$10,800/6 weeks

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Other then 2-days and 3-days camp they are offering the following once a week classes for 6 weeks to 6 years old kids throughout the summer also. Click here for a schedule!


Age group: 18-32 months

Discoverer is a holistic program specifically designed to address areas of development critical to a child’s all rounded growth during ages 18-32 months. The curriculum places emphasis on critical skills in preparation for Hong Kong’s pre-nursery environment by fostering intelligence across multiple facets including independence, discipline and manners, interpersonal skills, language and social development, logical thinking and much more.


Age group: 6-24 months

This program helps to open up a child’s potential. In Sensory class we have great opportunities to explore your child’s new world together through touch, sound, vision, taste, smell and movement all in a relaxed, fun, and friendly environment. Their motor skills are awakened by the sensory inputs from various muscles and body systems that enhance coordination and balance – skills necessary to begin moving and controlling their bodies within their surroundings.


Age group: 6wks – 18 months

Neurosteps is a neuro-physiological development program designed by SPRING to help every child’s brain reach its true potential. Beginning from as early as six weeks of age onwards, children in Neurosteps will be stimulated with a variety of inspirational motor-based activities in our classrooms as well as our large equipment area.


Age Group: 3 to 6 years

Help your child become more expressive and interactive with Drama classes this summer. Children will practice basic drama and communication skills and learn how to communicate to an audience with different emotions while cooperating with other children.


Age Group: 2 to 6 years

SPRING’s summer cooking classes will take their little chefs onto a culinary journey around the world. Children will be introduced to the respective food and related traditions of each country, its nutritional value and learn basic food preparation concepts and cooking skills.


Age Group: 4 to 6 years

Their 4 week STEM summer curriculum will explore key scientific vocabulary and concepts on topics like what are chemicals, renewable energy, cameras, and photography and learn to make a hypothesis which is key to encourage children’s use of imagination and creativity. Students will be exposed to the latest STEM equipment while gaining hands-on experience conducting a variety of experiments to understand the related concepts learned.


Age Group: 2 to 5 years

Engage your child in a range of physical and sporting activities that will allow them to expend energy in a directed manner while developing a greater appreciation for a variety of sports.


Age group: 3 to 6 years

Woodwork is a newly launched program developed based on the STEM theme, that their young students can practice hand-eye coordination, logical and spatial thinking, mathematics, geometric and physics theory, critical problem-solving skills by using real tools and wood to bring their creations to life.



Their breathtaking 9,000 square foot facility will not disappoint, designed with great purpose, it ensures relevance and interest to the children learning at SPRING. Call us at +852 3465 5000 or e-mail us at [email protected] to reserve your spot today!