With this special summer spent in Hong Kong, don't you think it is a perfect time to finally tackle your child's challenges? Or just make sure that he/she doesn't suffer from the famous "Summer Brain Drain"?

PowerBrain Rx is now well-known in Hong Kong for providing great help on cognitive and learning difficulties, such as attention/concentration and memory issues. These past few years, they have also widened their scope to providing more psychological assessments (by registered clinical psychologists) as well as offering expressive arts therapy.

Everything at PowerBrain Rx starts with a free cognitive assessment and consultation. Even if you don't enroll in a program, you will walk away knowing more about your child cognitively speaking and have a report to take home. 

Their core program, as well as their Summer Boosters, include exercises on concentration, processing speed, short and long term memory, as well as emotional control and stress regulation.

Programs Offered:

PowerBrain Rx Core Program - Experience the transformational power and effectiveness of cognitive brain training.

Special Care Program - A tailor-made program for any students and adults with learning difficulties and disabilities. 

Pre-School SmarKidz - Exclusively for the 3-6 years-old, a perfect and fun discovery for the little ones.

Intensive Brain Booster - For the ultimate edge in the shortest possible time!

Holiday Brain Teaser - An easy and stimulating way to get to learn about the powerful changes you can produce by unleashing your cognitive potential.

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