Kids' minds are like sponges. There are so many skills they can learn and absorb, provided the freedom to explore and be creative. To provide this opportunity, the new Metropolis Museum (HKMM) strives to broaden art appreciation and education through an educational mission of letting masterpieces be accessible to all. In just one place, everyone can witness different paintings otherwise placed around the world, either in public museums or in private collections. Using an innovative approach, you can find replicas of original 3D works from museums via new scanning technologies, recreations of original paintings, and even an immersive experience with projections and augmented reality (AR).

Good news for the little art lovers! HKMM has also thoughtfully designed a series of exciting workshops for kids to address the need for art culture through innovative ways that will appeal to all age groups. If you are looking for a short-term stint, rejoice as their workshops cater to a variety of interests and lay the foundation in every child's creative learning journey. Plus, they can specifically address the development of skills every child needs in order to grow into a confident and imaginative adult.