For parents who are in search of an engaging and fun playgroup, then look no further than Malvern Playgroup! They run adult-accompanied playgroup sessions for children 6-24 months old. Malvern Playgroup takes place in the beautifully designed campuses of Malvern College Pre-School Hong Kong. 

Playgroup sets a routine for both parents and children and can be a strong bonding experience. Parents can meet other parents with children of similar ages and extend their social circle. Playgroup is also a great platform for knowledge and experience sharing. Children become more confident and independent – all in a safe and secure setting.

There are wonderful benefits both parents and their children can reap from attending regular playgroups:

- They engage in a range of activities that parents might not think of or do at home.

- Children develop their social and emotional skills, expressive and receptive language skills as well as cognitive awareness in conceptual learning.

- Through various sensory activities like singing, reading, arts, and craft, games, messy play, baby yoga, etc), children’s interest in the surrounding environment is raised.

- They become more creative, inquisitive, expressive, confident, and sociable.

- Playgroup also helps to develop children’s fine and gross motor skills and enhances their self-care skills. 

For those who wish to know more about the Malvern Playgroup! They are holding a “Virtual Open Day” on Saturday, June 27, 2020 for prospective parents. The Open Day will be facilitated via Zoom and a material kit will be prepared for parents to be picked up at their respective campus in Island West or Coronation Circle.