It’s not easy to enjoy a skiing or snowboarding experience outside the snow-covered hills of the world’s ski resorts. Ski Tech in Hong Kong provides just that opportunity. With the use of SkyTech Virtual Reality technology, which is used for training by the US Olympic team, the indoor and ski and snowboard facility is a great place to learn to ski or ensure you are prepared ahead of an upcoming trip.

Strap on the ski boots, pick your ski destination (you will be in front of a large screen) and start your turns down the VR mountain all with the help of expert instructors.

The Scoop:

* The experience and instruction are great for kids and beginners looking to practice the basics and immediate and advanced looking to sharpen their skills with expert instruction.  

* It's convenient - located in One Island South!  Now, you can go skiing anytime!

Price per 45-minute session/per person:  

*  Instructor/Boots/Machine:  HK$880 on a large machine, HK$700 on a small machine

*  Machine Only: HK$600 on a large machine, HK$400 on a small machine