How do you motivate kids who know the answers already from being bored in the classroom? Simple. Keep it challenging.

At The Harbour School (THS), every student’s academic and socio-emotional needs are met at her level using a variety of differentiation strategies. Hence, every student’s learning experience is calibrated to her abilities and interests. Founded in 2007, THS has a best in class reputation of catering to the needs of outliers. It’s Learning Extension Program is dedicated to supporting the needs of academically advanced and twice-exceptional learners by supporting their academic and socio-emotional/ behavioral needs.

The Learning Extension Program works in conjunction with parents and teachers in arranging for academically challenging instruction, extracurricular and school-based activities, and alternative curriculum as well as supporting parents in their journey to access resources to assist students in meeting their highest potential.

The Learning Extension Coordinator works in collaboration and consultation with General Education classroom teachers and the Learning Support Coordinator. 

Assistance is applicable in the arrangement of alternative curriculum, or other associated needs to be carried out by classroom teachers, specialist teachers, and enrollment in programs like FSA, lEAP, CTY, AP courses, SUPA partnership, and or other alternatives as needed at the student’s level.

Learning Extension services at THS focus on developing skills in various capacities:

 - Full STEAM Ahead (FSA) is a Mathematics program for Grades 1 to 8 THS students receiving an extension in the subject. It empowers students to take learning into their own hands by becoming responsible, independent learners. Students also spend time learning to reflect, evaluate, and identify their own strengths and weaknesses so they can work to improve their own learning over time.

- In the Literacy Extension and Acceleration Project (LEAP), students spend six to eight weeks working on various independent writing projects under the supervision of a mentor. Through this program, students can develop their creative and logical reasoning skills during the process of what we call “World Building.” Once stories are complete, they are published on the LEAP blog to share with the world.

- Learning Extension also coordinates Contests and Competitions for THS students, which is an exciting and growing branch of their services.  Each year, over 100 students from THS participate in various Mathematics competitions, including the Caribou contests and the American Mathematics Competition. THS has been privileged to have a significant number of students who consistently rank among the top participants in the world!