The Family Zone's antenatal classes take into account the pace of modern life. Their years of experience and expertise are combined into a very convenient, and interactive course, for busy expectant parents. The Family Zone provide Fast Track Antenatal Classes which comprise a concise, 3x2-hour course, but also Private Classes, which are delivered in your own space and tailored to your specific needs. The Fast Track Antenatal course was designed by Yvonne Heavyside and is perfect for busy people!


This 6 Hours Course is held over 3 Weeknights and covers:

- The later stages of pregnancy

- How to know you are in labor: stages and signs of labor

- When to go to the hospital

- Delivery: pain relief, skills for labor, induction of labor, caesarian section and more

- The appearance of a newborn

- Feeding your baby

- Prevention of sudden infant death syndrome


Classes are held from 7pm - 9pm and the price is HK$1,480 per couple. 


The Breakdown of Topics:

Week 1 - Normal vaginal delivery, signs of labor, and when to go to the hospital.

Week 2 - Pain relief including epidurals; breathing; assisted delivery and induction; caesarian section.

Week 3 - Bonding with the baby; the appearance of a newborn, breastfeeding; prevention of SIDS; and postnatal depression.


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