Are you having trouble getting your baby, toddler, or kid to sleep at night? If not, you are either extremely lucky or a natural like Emmy Clendenny, a certified and experienced Sleep Consultant we had the privilege of busting some sleep-related myths with.

Emmy has always been a proper sleep enthusiast but became seriously interested in sleep patterns after reading the book 12 Hours by 12 Weeks. She managed to get her three-month-old to sleep through the night and tweaked the methods to reach the same goal with her other son when he was six or seven months old. She proceeded to pivot from marketing and writing into sleep consultancy and has been helping families across Hong Kong ever since!

Emmy sat down with us to expand the conversation around these universal and far-reaching issues related to sleep in babies, toddlers, and kids. Read on to get in the know on how to let both you and your kiddos get that sleep, so you can be on the go when the morning comes!