You put the straw in the coconut...and drink it all up!  Bali's original health food store and restaurant, Bali Buddha conveniently has two locations; one in artsy Ubud and the other by the beach in nearby Kerobokan. Children won't see the usual hamburger, hot dog and fries on the menu...hallelujah!  The kicker is the fresh juices, a lengthy list of smoothies, tasty oversized, cinnamon rolls and the oh-so-yum New York style bagels!

All this talk about food for the wee ones.....Bali Buddha's vibe is relaxed and offers wheat grass and goji juice shots, live food platters, spelt pizza and super health drinks for the big kids. Downstairs is a fully-stocked store with soaps, massage oils, raw desserts, fresh baked goodies, locally grown, organic produce and a few natural oddities...colon cleansers, natural insect repellent, washable diapers and colloidial silver.