Ever wished you could just merge your favorite fine diner and casual diner into one go-to place that you can visit multiple times a week? Uni just opened on October 3 and is exactly that, a gorgeously fool-proof solution - a "casual fine diner" - for all your dining needs.

Urchin's former star chef Steven Skelly and drinks guru Nicolas Lento joined forces with the renowned Mexicola Group to serve this new Berawa restaurant concept dripping in creativity on all fronts.

That said, you'll want to explore their menu, via an a la carte or tasting option, in-depth. The fresh, locally-sourced ingredients are elevated through a savvy combination of Japanese and French influences. To tickle your imagination's taste buds, this rhapsody can take the form of savory doughnuts accompanied by brandade and beetroot, decadent crab lasagna served with soft herbs and ginger emulsion and cha sui lobster bun. Add to that hand-picked, natural, globally-sourced wines or other fine picks from an experimental drinks list. There's plenty to discover among an array of food-flattering teas and sake, as well as creative cocktails that include gin mixed with lemon, peach, rosewater and aromatic coconut, and a blend of Sherry Campari, Sherry, clarified strawberry and pickle juice.

Uni is open every day of the week, from 6pm until late, with dinner served from 6pm to 10:30pm. Be amongst the first to taste the magic and book here!