If you’re looking to introduce your kids  to Cambodia, why not begin with the mesmerising UNESCO world heritage sights of Siem Reap. While the thought of navigating the world’s largest religious temple complex with kiddies may feel daunting, fret not, as there is a variety of fun to be had. From adrenaline-filled activities to arts and crafts and bustling markets, the magical resort town of Siem Reap will ensure you have a fun-packed and memorable family holiday.  Here is the ultimate guide to Siem Reap with kids.  This handy guide covers it all from our favorite hotels in Siem Reap to unqiue activities in Siem Reap too.  We also added our favorite shops snf restaurants and ways to visit the template of Angkor Wat with kids in tow.  Enjoy this family-friendly guide - the trip is worth all the memories!