Little Steps continues to dive deep into the hot and heavy topic of homeschooling, but this time with a focus on kids with special needs, i.e. learning differences. We spoke with the team from ChiLD, Dr. Alexandra Sanderson, Helen Handley and Lisa Low - experts in supporting children with learning differences, their communities, as well as the gifted and talented. 

The ChiLD team is passionate about uncovering the individual child's unique abilities and collaborating with those around them to adapt their approach to suit the child, who can then fulfill their potential! ChiLD provides a range of services, but the most success comes from a combination of all three: psychoeducational assessments, parent workshops, and training for schools and the community. This work has given them incredible insight into both the diversity of needs and the school system, which provided for an incredibly insightful and empowering chat that all parents and kids can benefit from.

To learn more, watch our FB Live below, read on, and visit their website!