In the digital age, little says, "I'm thinking about you" more clearly than a personalized token of affection that you can physically hold in your hands. Simply Say is Singapore's only customized greeting card service that lets customers create their own unique card or choose from a wide range of existing designs categorized by occasions and sentiments.

Choosing one of Simply Say's cards will take as many clicks as an instant message, but the message will be infinitely louder and warmer. You can create a personalized message for the inside pages of the card of your choice and have Simply Say send it directly to the recipient. Even better, you can choose to leave the pages blank and have Simply Say send it to you first so you can hand-write the message and receive an additional envelope for the recipient.

Remind your loved ones how much more rewarding it is to open the mailbox, open the envelope, then open the card to read meaningful words meant for you. It's scientifically proven that this has a positive impact on both the recipient's and the sender's well-being!

Delivery is free for all cards and make sure to order before 12pm for next day delivery!