Founded in 2013 by Jeremy & Bettina Kirk, Scoop Wholefoods aims to improve people's health and well-being and safeguard our planet for future generations. Family-run & Australian owned, the company offers Australia's most unique range of wholefoods and importing the best from around the world. They also work with responsible suppliers and local producers, encouraging the use of minimal packaging and aiming for zero waste.

Specializing in bulk shopping, you simply scoop the product you want from their bulk bins or kegs and pay according to weight. If you didn’t come prepared with your own containers, you can easily grab a glass jar there and fill it up. The company is also fervent believers of gut health so you can find an extensive range of Organic Kombucha, Jun & Kefir Water available on tap! These drinks are wild fermented, meaning that they are teeming with beneficial bacteria that support healthy digestion. With fresh fruits added to the mix, these drinks are not only healthy but taste absolutely divine.

What we are truly impressed by is the organization of the store. Rows and rows of products are clearly labeled and they've stocked up on almost everything you need. They also have a great range of spices, pre-jarred ingredients, soup mixes, pre-measured ingredients (yes!), and a whole lot more. There's even a chiller section for everything dairy. Perfect.