If you love the mifold seat when it was first launched, you're sure to do so likewise with the mifold One - the first ever non-folding grab-and-go booster seat that's super compact, safe and storable! Specifically targeted to the local market, the mifold One is a unique and lightweight child restraint that brings all the features you love and expect from mifold, including stringent safety testing and certification. Just like the mifold, the mifold One acts just like a regular booster seat but instead of elevating your child, it works by bringing the shoulder belt down onto their collarbone, which is stronger than their face and neck. The lap belt is also brought down to their hipbones instead of their stomach, which is a lot more delicate and vulnerable. The non-folding design provides added comfort without compromising on portability - perfect for taxis, grandparents' cars, school buses, and bringing along vacations!