Looking for more at-home, after-school activities with the kids? We've got just the thing for you! We all know that most kiddos love all things artsy, so here’s an easy peasy way they can make a beautiful, personalized tie-dye t-shirt right at home. With so many ways and techniques of tie-dyeing, we know it can be overwhelming. Take a peek at our Little Steps Pinterest board here for some inspiration and to see how different techniques work. Not sure where to find all the necessary materials, scroll to the end of this article to check out the art & craft stores around the island that have just what you need.


1. A white cotton shirt

2. Colored dye (any dye from a tie-dye kit or all-purpose dye like Rit)

3. Squirt bottles

4. Rubber bands

5. Rubber gloves

6. Zip plastic bags

7. Trash bags

8. Water

9. Spray bottle for sprinkling water


Now that you’ve got your materials (or now know where you can get them) let’s get started!

- Remember to place your trash bags on your surface where you’ll be tie-dying, you don’t want to dye any surface!

- Give your kids spray bottles and tell them to dampen their t-shirts with water. Next, choose which kind of pattern they would like, but also remember that it’s impossible to get tie-dye wrong so any pattern works.

- Now you may twist and tie the rubber bands according to whatever design you have chosen.

- Prepare the dye according to the instructions given on it and place them into squirt bottles. Dye the shirt by squeezing the ink to the T-shirt, use rubber gloves for this step to ensure no stains on hands.

- Once completed, place the shirt in a zip plastic bag and keep for around 24 hours - this ensures the dye has enough time to seep in and set within the T-shirt.

- After 24 hours, rinse your shirt with cold water without removing the rubber bands until the water comes clear (this will take a while!).

- Remove rubber bands and rinse again.

- Now, wash the shirt in the washing machine (don’t place your other clothes in this load as the dye may bleed and ruin other clothes), and dry.

Voilah! - your very own unique tie-dye creation that you can wear and show off all summer long!