Handcrafted with love best describes these environmentally-friendly washable silicone drawing mats designed by Jessica Tan, founder of DrawnBy: Jessica. What stemmed from mere doodling on paper became the designs of the versatile silicone drawing mats. For all the DrawnBy: mats, Jessica draws everything by hand using a digital application before converting to vector files for that hand-drawn touch. The range of mats features recognizable depictions of everyday items and creatures so as to appeal to kids and even adults alike. The mats are also FDA and REACH certified to guarantee safety from harmful chemicals and substances. Plus, they are soft and thin - perfect for parents and kids on the go!

What makes DrawnBy: Jessica mats really special is their reusability! The markers are oil-based and certified by SGS to be non-toxic so that they are safe even for the littlest of hands. Best part, the colored inks are easily cleaned off with a wet sponge or wet wipe, even on the skin and other surfaces! Since the success of the mats, Jessica has also launched a selection of coloring stickers that comprise of some elements of the drawing mats.