West Coast Park is known as the "Play Centre of the West", and for good reason. Whether it's a bright sunny day, or overcast, there's plenty for families with children of all ages to enjoy. From adventurous play, to peace and quiet, there is something for everyone!  Sure there are spots for campers to pitch a tent, areas for fishermen to fish, and a boardwalk for nature lovers, but we've put together a list of our top picks for kids (and adults!).

*  JOIN A FREE PLAYGROUP:   Every Monday at 4:30pm, and every Wednesday at 9:30am, a group of parents bring their little ones to play at the playground behind McDonald's at West Coast Park.  Members of this group RSVP to The Singapore West Coast Park Baby and Toddler PlaygroupLittle Steps Tip:  Take the stress out of the day by having your food catered, and book your barbeque session online

*  PEDAL AROUND: Whether you and the kids are on your own bikes or scooters, or renting a pedal go-cart, the trails of West Coast Park provide flat and curvy fun or everyone. The Pedal Go Cart kiosk is a little tough to spot, but you'll find it tucked away near Car Park 2. For S$12, you can rent a cart for a half hour.  Little Steps Tip:  Go during the week when there isn't a huge demand for the carts, the trails are almost empty, and you can get S$2 off your rental!

*  FLY A KITE: West Coast Park gets a decent breeze off the water, so there are plenty of nice spots for kite flying. You'll find most kite-fliers in the big open fields, and if you're lucky enough, you might even spot a flying electric helicoptor!

*  PLAY:  Area 3 is where you'll find a children's playground, climbing pyramid-slide, obstacle course, and even a zip line!  Little Steps Tip:  play on an overcast day, as the playground equipment gets very hot from the sun.