Located off Gambas Avenue, the newly reopened Sembawang Hot Spring Park features cascading pools and a water collection point, enhanced accessibility for wheelchair users, and educational panels where you can learn about Singapore’s only hot spring park’s history and geology. The more inclusive park also has a specially designed tap at the main water collection point for the disabled. At the water collection point, you can use pails to collect water readily. You can even cook eggs at this station!

Stroll along the new Floral Walk and see fruit trees and edible plants commonly found in old 'kampungs' and flora usually seen in the past. Unpaved paths and naturalized streams flowing from the hot spring mimics the freshwater swamp forest landscape. Kiddos will surely enjoy the 4-tiered cascading pool that mimics the hot spring in its natural state. Plus, there's an interactive play feature that enables kids to not only learn about the groundwater cycle, as well as play safely with the warm spring water.