Who would have thought that you'd find a playground in a library? We didn't either until PLAYtopia opened at Tampines Regional Library within Our Tampines Hub! So if you've got kids who were reluctant to visit the library, PLAYtopia will certainly entice them to do so. At first sight, you'll be greeted by a massive array of yellow, pink, white, and blue balls, like those that fill a ball pit, except this time, they seem to fill the entire playground! As with other playgrounds, there are climbing frames, a trampolining area, toddler play space, and of course, a function room perfect for hosting birthday parties for up to 15 kids. No playground is complete without a swing and there's one here that'll swing you right over..yes, a ball pit! For more information on opening hours and admission fees, visit www.facebook.com/Playtopiasg.