If you and your family enjoy dining at French restaurant Saveur, then you will probably relish the original Italian fusion offerings at The Masses. The brainchild from one of Saveur’s previous owners, this spot along Beach Road is a cozy dining escape within the city that’s suited for the whole family and any occasion.

Main dishes like the Duck Leg Confit and Pan Seared Sea Bass will appease more traditional tastes, but it’s The Masses’ appetizers to share that truly make their mark. The Egg (S$9) is one such standout, and is available in both hot and cold styles. Both versions take after the Japanese chawanmushi, with welcome toppings of fish roe and potato chips.

If you or your little one aren’t too hungry, why not share their upsized C&C&C&C Pasta – which stands for crabmeat, clams, caviar and chorizo? The creative combination is served cold, and is filling enough for small appetites. The fresh ingredients, mixed with springy angel hair pasta and scrumptious lobster bisque, make for a wonderful treat whether it’s for a light meal or heavier affair with options to upsize the portions.

It’s no surprise that The Masses is constantly packed with customers during meal times, with wait time for a table guaranteed. Keep in mind to call in advance for table bookings, especially for large groups!