Good old family camping might not be a frequent activity for Singaporeans considering the uncomfortable humidity all year round, but that doesn’t mean the fun of having a camp out should go compromised!

Kudos to The Glamping Society for coming up with a creative family-friendly activity to sign up for. “Glamping” is exactly what you think it is – glamorous camping - as you leave the arduous task of setting everything up to the experts and just simply head down with the agenda of utter relaxation. On top of pitching a large, inviting tent, the crew will also deck out your outdoor staycation with amenities of all kinds, including a comfortable double bed, indoor fans for ventilation and fairy lights for that unmistakable magical ambiance. Depending on whether you book as a couple or family with kids, The Glamping Society can also customize your experience by providing additional elements such as a picnic setup or inflatable floats – perfect for any occasion! Ideal for a romantic getaway or even for your kid's next birthday party, glamping could very well become your new favorite pastime.