Join the drooling sweet-toothers’ line at the brand new Emma Soft Serve Ice Cream store in Singapore! The Japanese ice cream company has been making waves among the ice-cream elites since launching in 2018. It may be the super Instragrammeable, gravity-defying soft serves that have earned them fame and raving fans! Or their claim of using only authentic Japanese, high-quality products which they combine in signature desserts.

If you haven’t tried the Okinawa Brown Sugar Bubble Soft, let us tell ya, you need to get your sugar-craving bums over there, now! And of course, once you are at it, if you happen to get a cone, do the trick and hold it upside down and see what happens…nothing! Just magic.

As Emma loves spoiling the beasties, two desserts can be found only at the Singapore store: The Charcoal Cheese-flavoured Soft Serve and the Boba Taco Softie!