Hot off the press! Fancy a fine dining night with a full Asian flair? Mott 32, the award-winning Chinese restaurant, is set to join the lineup of superb eats at the Marina Bay Sands Resort on January 24, 2020!

With world-class dishes and sustainability at the core of Mott 32’s concept, their ethically sourced organic products ensure a top-notch experience for customers. Signature Smoked Black Cod and Apple Wood-Roasted Peking Duck are just a few of the classic dishes you’ll get to ‘stick the fork in’!

Although the menu is still in the making, let us say we just can’t stop dribbling! Fortunately, the restaurant is going to be open also for lunch featuring an exquisite dim-sum menu you can enjoy with friends and family in an informal, relaxed atmosphere. Stay tuned for the latest -and surely most flavorful- foodie venture around town!

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