Following a major revamp in 2014, Canberra Park is home to a ton of swings and play structures that cater to all kids of all ages. As one of the few inclusive playgrounds in the North, it includes swings with a wider seat and safety bars for kids with disabilities. For tots and bigger kids, there are bucket swings and also standard ones. What's interesting about this playground is that these swings really dominate and furthermore, there are a set of swings where kids can even swing towards each other - not a common sight in other playgrounds. There's also an AeroGlider where wheelchair users can join in the swinging fun! For toddling tots who love ramps, this playground has plenty to choose from. These ramps also accommodate wheelchair users. The rope obstacle course here will also be a hit with bigger kids who want to challenge themselves. Not to be missed in this park is the huge dino fossil play structure where kids can weave in and out of.