Slap on the skeeter spray and sun cream and head out to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve!  Singapore’s only protected rainforest located less than ten miles from the CBD is one of the richest ecosystems in the world featuring over 840 flowering plants and 500 species of animals on 160 hectares. From biking and hiking to bird watching and exotic tree hugging, there something for everyone in the family! 

Upon arrival, pop into the Visitors Centre to learn more about the Reserve’s wildlife, hiking trails, guided tours and biking trails. From here, you can hike the trail to Bukit Timah Hill, the highest point in Singapore. Choose to hike the steep paved path that leads directly to its peak or the more kiddie friendly Green Route #3. The unpaved path winds through the forest, passing flying lemurs, snakes and caves that were once used by Japanese soldiers during World War II.  Sounds like a fun day out to us!