Sign up for the Summer Semester at Singapore American School now! With lots of cool activities to choose from, your kids will learn and have fun this holiday. Summer Semester offers classes that excite, challenge, and engage young minds. Students pursue interests that appeal to them. The dynamic atmosphere will inspire intellectual curiosity and activate creative expression beyond the offerings typically found in a standard summer camp.

Students will receive extraordinary care from SAS teachers as they pursue academic excellence in a virtually limitless array of possibilities Summer Semester takes the rigor of the SAS curriculum and then lets a student experience what is possible when they are truly free to explore endless possibilities at their own speed.  

See the abundance of opportunities here and information on registration.

What To Expect:

*  The Summer Semester consists of 3 sessions, 2 of which focus on holistic development through self-initiated (and discretely suggested) projects rooted in a huge number of diverse courses based on the children's own passions and pulls towards exploration, creative expression or physical activity.  The third session, Jumpstart, gives kids the opportunity to skip their first day at school by denying it the title and the anxiety that comes with it.  Students can make SAS their home on their own terms, much like what's happening in sessions 1&2 in terms of learning.  Lunch is included every day!

Session 1: 

Dates:  June 11-June 12, 2018

Registration:  Click here

Session 2:

Dates:  June 25-July 6, 2018

Registration:  Click here

Session 3 (for SAS families only):

Dates:  July 23-August 3, 2018

Registration:  Click here