Do you have a mini-Zuckerberg at home? Or, perhaps you have a child that is super interested in learning the art of coding? If so, head on over to SG Code Campus to explore the world of computer programming. Your child will be given access to a full learning roadmap through a series of holiday camps taking place between November 12 and December 21, 2018. They offer something for everyone from absolute beginners to advanced coders. 

COURSES AND CAMPS:  Courses and camps at SG Code Campus are designed in a fun but structured way for children to build up computational thinking and problem-solving skills from an early age. Their “concepts-first” approach ensures kids acquire the necessary foundations in computer science, while a hands-on learning experience equips and inspires kids to turn their imaginations into reality!

Basics Roadmap: 7-12 years old - Kids will explore the world of Computer Science through block-based languages such as Scratch, micro:bit or App Inventor. Make sure to check out their new Fundamentals courses for kids aged 7-8!

Principles Roadmap: 13-18 years old - Teens  will build a solid grounding in Computer Science, honing their conceptual understanding while attaining mastery in text-based languages such as Python, JavaScript or Java. To top it off, they will learn to bring it all together to build practical, meaningful solutions.

Academics Programme: 15-18 years old -  students who are taking Computer Science as a subject in school under the International Baccalaureate (IB) will benefit greatly from SG Code Campus' Academics Programme where a more academic-centric approach is taken towards guiding students to build a strong competency of Java and IB Computer Science topics.

SMALL CLASS SIZES:  Classes are small and quality instructors from top institutions will ensure that your kids will get the attention and support they need to reach their highest potential.

CODING FOR ALL ABILITIES & AGES:  The SG Code Campus learning roadmap provides kids with structured access to the world of tech. Various entry points cater to students of different ages and competency levels, and special attention is paid to ensure each student progresses smoothly through their Basics and Principles roadmaps, with follow-on courses available at each step of the way.