The Singapore government's announcement about Circuit Breaker (CB) period and the mandatory school closure on April 3, 2020, caught many educational institutions off the guard. Schools and preschools were ordered to stop all activities until the end of the CB.

In line with the preschool closure Arts Kidz International has prepared a home-based learning program to make sure our children can be actively engaged in various activities in their own homes during that period. This involves a variety of tools and methods and not solely confined to e-learning or learning with computers.

Arts Kidz Home-Based Learning Program includes:

Pre-recorded Video Lessons
Various Lessons enabling children to be engaged even while at home have been recorded. From listening to their class teacher read a book to them, or following the dance steps and singing along to a Music & Movement video lesson and even playing the violin.

Home-based Learning Kit
Each child received a set of materials prepared by their class teachers. (in attachments I give you a photo of one of our HBL kits)

Live Sessions
Children are given a schedule to sit in to join online-guided activities facilitated by their respective class teachers. Click here to see the 

Arts Kidz Home Based Learning Programme from Marketing Artskidz on Vimeo.

As the government announced that the Mid-Year National School holidays are moved forward Arts Kidz decided to develop an online holiday program to keep student's engagement alive (May 4-29, 2020). Each week would be devoted to activities covering various children’s interests:

Week 1: Lets Get Graphic! - children will get creative and learn to communicate their ideas visually through images and typography.

Week 2: Little Composer - kids will learn about space and line of musical notes and create music with everyday common items.

Week 3: Fit and Fab - children will learn about making healthy choices, easy healthy food recipes, and be engaged in fun Zumba sessions.

Week 4: Theatre Bites - kids will learn to act, direct, sing, improvise, and make props to enhance the show.

Sign up your child to their online holiday program by emailing Arts Kidz's friendly Parents Liaison manager at [email protected] and [email protected].