Established in 1956, the Early Learning Centre at Singapore American School (SAS) has built a reputation for all-round education and high-quality learning opportunities inspired by the Reggio Emilia method. SAS's Early Learning Centre creates an environment for their learners to collaborate, ask questions, investigate, and learn about things that genuinely matter to them; allowing for deep connections and meaningful learning that is created in context.


SAS creates an open learning environment, with specially curated lessons such as the motor skills learning with the "Move and Groove" program, as well as literacy and mathematics lessons. Students have library lessons once a week and are able to borrow books of their choice. Through working together, solving problems, and self-directed learning, students develop character, critical thinking skills, creativity, collaboration skills, communication skills, cultural competence and content knowledge.

But the Early Learning Centre doesn't just revolve around the classroom! With an emphasis on the outdoors, kids have access to SAS's own two-acre rainforest, outings to Sentosa Island trips to the zoo, and loads more outdoor activities. The Early Learning Centre also doesn't forget about the fun, with sensory and water play, access to an in-house library, and recess twice a day.

This philosophy of encouraging children in their passions begins at the Early Learning Centre and goes beyond, as the young students have access to the high school art studio, the high school robotics studio, and trips to the theatre!


The curated educational experience relies on qualified and experienced teachers from all over the world, who focus upon nurturing the interests of the children and broadening their horizons. SAS strongly believes in home-school collaboration, and sees parents as important partners in their children's education.

Teachers document the students' development, learning, stories and activities on an online platform, Storypark, which parents are invited to participate in as collaborators. Weekly emails summarizing the week's learning are also sent to parents every Friday. Parent-teacher conferences are held twice a year (in October and March) to discuss students' strengths, goals and growth. Beyond these official communication channels, parents are encouraged to reach out to teachers any time they have questions or concerns.


If you wish to learn more about the Early Learning Centre or enroll your child, click here!