Looking to dabble in tech or art? Or do your kids aspire to be an actor or a scientist? With over 10 super cool camps on offer from December 18, 2017 - January 5, 2018, Camp Asia promises your kids an unforgettable and action-packed end to 2017 and an incredible way to kick off 2018. Held at Stamford American International School, they welcome all children ages 3 to 16 years old to join our camps at Camp Asia.

Book now!  Places are filling up fast. Book before November 19 to enjoy a 10% Early Bird Discount!

The Camps:

Sports Oriented:  For the athlete in the making, Super Basketball, Super Sports, Super Gymnastics and Super Soccer will teach them the skills and techniques that will improve their sporting abilities, as well as teamwork and sportsmanship. If you’re unsure of which sport or activity to book, they have their Super Sports and Multi-Activity camp that covers a variety of activities that your kids can enjoy. 

 Multi-Activity (ages 6-8) - Book it!

 Super Sports (ages 6-11) - Book it!

 Super Soccer (ages 6-14) - Book it!

 Super Basketball (ages 6-14) - Book it!

 Super Gymnastics (ages 4-8) - Book it!

Cooking:  For the kid looking to be the next Junior Masterchef, your kids can learn how to cook up delicious food under the guidance of Head Chef Tim Ong. 

 Super Chef (ages 6-16) - Book it!

Technology:  If you want your little one to be the next Tech kid, then you can sign them up for Coding and Robotics camps! They also have Tech Savvy camp which gives them an all-around play in tech!  Want to make your own drone - book up Creative Innovators!

 Tech Savvy (ages 6-8) - Book it!

 Lego Robotics (ages 6-11) - Book it!

 Creative Innovators (ages 9-16) -  Book it!

Science:  Mad scientists should sign up for Mad About Science where they will learn through groovy experiments.

 Mad World of Science (ages 6-8) - Book it!

Arts: Do you kids want a bit of drama in their lives?  This one if for them - led by professional theatre and drama teachers.

 Drama Academy (ages 4-5) - Book it!