Who said camping can’t be lux? Swap your sleeping bag for a comfy foam mattress at Tanakita campsite. Situated at Kadudampit, Cisaat, Sukabumi, about 100 kilometers away from the busy streets of Jakarta at 1,100 meters above sea level, Tanakita offers a kid-friendly camping vacation with plenty of fresh air and outdoor activities galore.

The campsite details and highlights:

* Tents with insulation, electricity and comfortable foam mattresses to ensure your tots a good night sleep. Tanakita campsite can sleep up to 80 -100 people comfortably in tents.

* Clean bathroom and shower stalls (with hot and cold water!) for men and women located within the camp, a close proximity to your tent.

* The camp has a separate generator to ensure no blackouts!

* Cook on the campfires under the stars!  Fun!

Happy camping, kids!