Experiencing wilderness in The Big Durian? Absolutely possible! At Madagaskar, kids will be excited to get close to those robotic jungle animals while enjoying their favorite dishes. Lions, apes, elephants and giraffes at Madagaskar can produce sounds and some movements, making it look both real and fun for the children. The dining space is fully decorated with plants and trees, plus flying birds are on the ceiling.

Upon arrival, families will be greeted with a wondrous fountain. Before entering the dining area, you are welcome to check some cool stuff at the merchandise store. Amazing animal-themed apparels, stuffed toys, accessories and school's stuff are available from newborn size until primary ages.

Each table can accommodate 4-5 family members. The menu offers a wide range of international dishes, from pasta, steak, baked rice to fried rice. The appetisers feature fresh salads, soups and different types of Egg Benedict. For a family reunion, consider sharing portions. We love the flat breads and french fries with various toppings and sauces. Of course, the kids menu is available. Little tummies will be thankful to some delicious pasta, nuggets or fried dory.