Vans and Molo are collaborating to create a colorful collection of iconic footwear styles with the bright and unpredictable touch of Molo’s vibrant print universe. Celebrating both brands’ mutual love of stunning design for kids with character, Vans Classic footwear serves as a canvas for expression, offering a fun and distinctive way to make Molo’s prints come to life!

Skate Check

Vans Old Skool draws inspiration from Vans' heritage "Checkerboard" print, incorporating Molo’s "Skate Check" print for the skate lovers. With the vintage skate vibes, kids would love this Vans Old Skool with a twist!

Best In Show

The Sk8-Hi Zip features "Best in Show" - a horse print in beautiful muted tones with a hint of cameo rose for everyone who loves horses as much as Molo does. 


Let the kiddos fly like butterflies in their Vans x Molo slip-on shoes in Butterfly print. The assemblage of butterflies fluttering their wings across a pair of cameo rose-hued classic slip-on will surely win the hearts of pretty girls. The Butterfly is unique, just like the ones donning it!

Surf Surprise

A second Vans classic slip-on features an exotic twist with Molo’s "Surf Surprise” print features a surfer ready to catch a wave on a peaceful beach near a magical island. This different-print shoe is perfect for those who walk the dream. The fun doesn’t end yet. To complete the look, Molo has creatively designed a capsule collection of match-print apparel that links back to the Vans x Molo footwear collection. Sigh, if only these came in adult sizes...

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