Hot off the press and hot from the oven! Hong Kong is getting a pizza place that has all the ingredients necessary to make it your family's new, regularly visited eatery!

Pirata Group and the Pici team are teaming up to continue their streak of creative, trendy, and friendly restaurant concepts that thrive on simple, delicious, and affordable dishes. The Pizza Project is the first one of its kind for the Pirata Group and is set to serve handmade pizzas made quickly, masterfully, and with love by the experienced Pici chefs. The Pizza Project's one-page menu will reflect the same straightforward charm that these culinary masters have perfected. Different textures and generous toppings are the perfect conversation starters, and if anything is more delicious when shared, it's the hearty classic that is pizza!

The Pizza Project will host a street party on Tuesday, 14 January 2020, to kick off the new year - and introduce itself to the foodies of Hong Kong in style. Keep an eye on Pirata Group's social media for more details!