Having your lunch delivered to your desk is the thing to do – and now kids can get on board with healthy lunchboxes available for delivery, still warm, to children at school.

The New Lunchers carefully select the best and freshest ingredients from trusted sources. Designed by a nutritionist and produced by a team of chefs, guaranteeing tasteful freshly-made side options: Starters, Desserts, Snacks. Kids can choose daily between three mouthwatering (Western, Asian and Vegetarian) main dishes. There is no MSG, no coloring, no artificial flavorings, no fried food, no processed food in any of their meals.

The New Luncher's lunchboxes are a hassle-free way to start your child on the road to healthy eating early on and to provide peace of mind that they are eating well both at home and at school. Everything you have planned for your child will be delivered by The New Luncher for free right to school, right on time for lunch.