After the opening of the concept store at Kowloon and popup store at Hong Kong Island, moody tiger is happy to announce they are opening a second retail store in the New Territories!

You can find moody tiger in New Town Plaza, one of the busiest shopping malls in Hong Kong and is known for being family-driven. To maintain their original store interior design, the natural wood color was generally used to develop a good sense of space, with a signature branding element, "moody" style display rack for showcasing products.

Moody tiger is a kid athleisure brand, their idea is originally from kids’ authentic lifestyle. To ensure kids can move and play anywhere without hesitation, providing functional clothes to kids is their purpose. Make sure to check out their 2019 Fall-Winter collection as it concerns greatly about fabric, using Sorona® and Merino Wool. Sorona® provides a sustainable fashion that is good for our next generation, as this is what moody tiger is caring about for your little one. Australian Merino Wool is an ultimate insulator, it is soft and can reduce odor. Keeping your little one warm and fresh during the wintertime.