Laundry is a never-ending task and a real bore, both of which makes most of us take it for granted as it is. Rob Knight and Dawn White invented this little cutie in the United Kingdom in 2009 because their circumstances disabled them from having the privilege of taking chemical-laden household products as a given. This resulted in the company Ecoegg and their product Laundry Egg, an acclaimed, dermatologically tested hypoallergenic that could make the use of washing powders, gels, tablets and liquids with harsh chemicals obsolete – if only we had the willpower to… stop putting chemicals all over ourselves?

Laundry Egg appeared on the Hong Kong market a couple of months ago and it’s cute, healthy for everyone and everything around it, sustainable and smells real good (or doesn’t at all if you don’t want it to). It is supported by Allergy UK and the National Eczema Society, and was awarded the Gold Award for Baby Skincare Product! “I bet it’s really expensive,” you say, “like all eco-friendly stuff.” Laundry Egg lasts up to a whopping amount of 720 washes (3 year’s worth of laundry on average), which means it costs you only 0.6 HK$ per wash. The Ecoegg company is dedicated to making a variety of sustainable, healthy household products and, ultimately, to helping people live better, and more cleverly. Laundry Egg has more than a couple of siblings that hatched from the minds of these two innovators. It’s easy to see that these guys truly practice what they preach – they do a lot for the planet and the community, and we advise you to go check it for yourself, feel bad, then go and make a difference!