Whether you're sending them across the miles or to your neighbors down the road, Christmas cards are a great way to kick off the festive season. The Lion Rock Press can add a unique Hong Kong flavor by incorporating distinctly local attractions like rickshaws and pandas. Whereas the cards at Paper-Roses are oh so adorable and unique to Hong Kong, perfect for relatives that live far away. The toy shops at the Wan Chai market feature characters from Pixar productions like Frozen 2. Here is Little Step's round-up of the best Christmas Cards in Hong Kong!


Ditto DittoWebsite

Gift Something, Website

G.O.D, Website


Home EssentialsWebsite

Kikki KWebsite

Marks & SpencerWebsite

Paper RosesFacebook Page

Paper HouseWebsite 

The Lion Rock Press, Website 


Wan Chai Market, Website


Create your own personalized Christmas cards:

Blank SheetWebsite

Cheeky MonkeyWebsite 

Elegance WonderWebsite




Charity Christmas Cards:

Give help to others while sending your seasonal greetings to the beloved ones!

Crossroads Foundation Global HandicraftsWebsite


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