Get ready for a serious foodie treat! Take the kids on a visit to little Japan at Hong Kong Tsukiji + Yamataka Seafood Market. This family-friendly market goes beyond your traditional lunch and dinners out - it's a real experience!

This huge market + restaurant is located just above the Wanchai Ferry Pier. Upon entering, you will find a full Japanese grocery store with treats ranging from the finest of saki to pick-up sushi. Moving past the market, you can take your pick at different styles of dining including a standing sushi bar, a seafood bar, donburi area, uneshu corner, or sit and snack on Japanese street food. At the back (and with views of the harbor), you will find an area you can enjoy a family-friendly seated feast complete with fresh seafood straight from Tsukiji Seafood Market in Japan. Everything here is family-friendly!  

For the kids?

*  The entire market offers loads of different choices for kids and great prices - so pick your favorite. No restrictions here!

*  Kids will absolutely love watching the boats cruise by - including Hong Kong's Star Ferry which can also be a fabulous way to end or start the eating adventure as they leave from the pier directly below.

*  From huge fish heads to other unique seafood, this is a true feast for the eyes, ears, and mouths. Stimulation station - absolutely!

*  Highchairs are available on request too.