Family nights have taken it up a notch with rockin' music, an indoor/outdoor bar, delicious food (really!) and of course, lots and lots of bowling.  Tikitiki Bowling in Sai Kung is a blast for kids and adults of all ages.

For those looking to round off the outing, there is a new Crazy Cow Café on the ground floor with great coffee and a selection of homemade French pastries and specialty desserts.  

For the family:

*As you enter, you can select your package (by the hour) or with drinks included.  The drinks on offer vary from fancy island favorites, wine, and a selection of beer.  Kids can enjoy juice and other mock Tiki cocktails.

*This hub of fun is large and stimulating, if you have a young baby, it might be too loud.  If you have tots and above, they will love it!


For the kids:

*There are bumper lanes for kids - hoorah!

*Kids shoe sizes and lighter weight balls are available for the little ones.

*There is a large bar on the left complete with an outdoor terrace.  Kids are allowed here as well, so you can enjoy inside and out.

For the adults:

*The bowling lanes are complete with a large lounge area with each lane.  You can order from the main menu or they have a special kids' menu as well.  The food goes way beyond stereotypical "bowling" fare and is delicious with lots on offer.

*The huge lounge in the back has a large stage with top of the line instruments.  They are planning for regular live music this space.

*They offer a Beach Bums and Cannibals Restaurant with private dining available for date night.