The grass is always greener...except at Tai Po Waterfront Park where it simply can't get any greener.  Roll up the picnic blankets and pack up the scooters, it's time for a Sunday Funday in Tai Po!

Located along the Tolo Harbour, this family wonderland of outdoor adventures is the largest park in Hong Kong.  The perfectly manicured gardens and open green lounging areas along the water make for a perfect day of kiddy entertainment.

The highlights:
*Childrens' Playground - slides, bridges, ladders...oh my!
*Jogging Trail - run, run, stroll, run!
*Soar High - let the kids roam around the 32.4 meter lookout tower.
*Insect House - say hello to the creepy crawlers.
*Fly A Kite - sit back and watch huge kites fly above your head or take the sky on yourself.
*Bike & Stroll - enjoy the 1.2km waterfront promenade.  Sweet!
*Be A Star - or pretend at the 600-seater amphitheatre.  Watch this space for exciting fam-friendly events.
*Bowling Green - rent for a day outing on this delightful bowling green.
*Model Boat Pool - bring along your favorite boat for some serious water play
*Picnic - there are plenty of places inside the park and along the waterfront.