It's time to chill, Mamas and Papas! Hop on the ferry to Yung Shue Wan on Lamma Island, and in under 30 minutes, you'll arrive in a world far from Hong Kong. Enjoy strolling around town, shopping for bits and bobs, playing at the beach, and much more! 

Here are our top to-do's in Yung Shue Wan:

Shopping: Walk the narrow, winding Main Street from the ferry pier, ducking into handicraft shops, boutiques, bakeries, fruit stands, beach supply shops, and such along the way. There are no cars allowed on Lamma so that you can let your guard down a bit, but watch out for those speedy trash trucks!

Beach Play: Follow signs from Main Street to Hung Shing Yeh Beach or dog-friendly Power Station Beach. Even with Lamma Power Station in full view, these beaches are perfect for a visit with the kiddos for their calm, shallow, (relatively) clean waters, and shark nets. While at Hung Shing Yeh, grab a bite at Concerto Inn. It's right on the beach and has misters, fans, and canopies to keep you cool!

Go Green: Visit Hong Kong's only organic herb garden, Herboland. Tour the farm, snack in the tea tent, and check out the pet bunnies, birds and fish. This place is worth the visit to Lamma itself, a real hidden gem!

Fresh Fish: When it's time to eat, seafood is king here! Man Fung is large, has a great view overlooking the water, and is close to the ferry. Andy's Sau Kee Seafood is another good seafood option.  Rainbow Seafood is an institution, and they can also help arrange boat transport.

Eat Healthy: If tank-to-table is not your thing, try the organic salads at Bookworm Cafe or the smoothies and multi-grain waffles at Green Cottage. Yum!

Picnic Supplies: Just Green has it all, organic, eco-friendly, raw, vegan, and Gluten-Free! Perfect for picnic supplies on the way to the beach or groceries before heading home on the ferry. They stock lots of favorite kid stuff like baby food squeeze pouches, plus there's a small patio in the back for on-site snacking.

A Sweet Ending: Kin Hing Ah Por Tofu on Main Street is a tiny little stand that's been selling delicious homemade silky tofu (Dofuhua) for the past 30 years. It's served with sweet syrup poured on top from a tea kettle. Can be packed for takeaway! Located along Main Street, just before the turnoff to Power Station Beach.