Movie buffs, a new level of immersion has been reached with Hong Kong's first IMAX® Laser cinema, brought by UA Cinema to the perfectly artsy Kowloon location!

The realism of film has just gotten surreally real. Hong Kong's ever-developing art, culture, and retail scene freshly received another gem - the groundbreaking destination K11 MUSEA. Thus ambitious space where retail meets culture and art, which couldn't have been complete without elevating the "seventh art" of cinema to a new level too. The K11 Art House is where you'll find Hong Kong's First IMAX® Laser theatre and encounter a next-generation 4K laser projection system. Enjoy the widest-ever range of deeper, more vibrant colors, and a 12-channel sound system that makes you feel the sound - be it a whisper or an explosion. K11 Art House features 12 theatres, 1709 seats, intelligent self-service, disabilities-inclusive environment and a six-star VIP theatre for all that plus a personalized experience