Sometimes it may seem hard to find good, plain family fun in Hong Kong, but we've found it! Throw the bikes in the car, and head to Quarry Bay Park for a ride for a day of fun in the sun.  What we love about this park is that it caters to kids of all ages with a few sports fields, a playground, and the big highlight - a cycling path that is an enclosed loop so kids can go round and round.  This is also a great place for little kids to learn how to ride their bike in Hong Kong.

Cycle Path:  No matter their level, your kids will love freely racing around the scenic 640-meter loop. And you'll love that it's flat and cushioned and never too crowded. There's even a handy jogging path that runs alongside the entire length of the bike you can get a workout too! 

Playground:  There is a playground around the corner for extra fun.

Food:  When your little riders are hungry from all the biking (or you just can't keep up with them anymore!), grab lunch at one of the many kid-friendly restaurants nearby like Pizza Express or Frites Quarry Bay.  There is also a handy Starbucks if you are looking for a coffee.